FCC Chairman Appoints ACI President to the CAC

Today, the FCC announced that Chairman Wheeler has appointed membership to the Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).  Steve Pociask (ACI president) was selected as one of CAC’s members, with Dr. Joseph Fuhr (professor of economics at Widener University and Senior Fellow at ACI) as an alternate to the CAC.

Government Unproductivity: Doing Less with More

In 1996, the Telecommunications Act made clear the roadmap for how government would interact with the Telecommunications market space moving forward: simply put, it wouldn’t.  The bundle of policies called for drastic deregulation and dialed the executive oversight of Telecommunications way back.  Somehow the FCC never got the message.   A look at the FCC’s Gross […]

ACI Hosts Hill Briefing on Universal Broadband Service and Developing a National Broadband Strategy

At the direction of Congress, the Federal Communication Commission requested public comment as the first step in developing a national broadband strategy by February 2010.  To facilitate discussion on this topic, the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research held a public briefing with the following distinguished panelists: Dr. Larry F. Darby, Senior Fellow for the American Consumer Institute and former FCC […]