Disappointing Reporting on a Survey about Entitlements

In mid-December, 2012, the Pew Research Center release a report called “A Bipartisan Nation of Beneficiaries.”   It tallied the percentage of responders who participated in any of 6 major federal entitlement programs; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment insurance, and food stamps.  Then it cross tabulated those answers against demographic information and political affiliation.  As […]

ACI Op-ed in the Huffington Post: Obama’s Recession

A Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report predicts the nation could slide into a recession, if the economy is allowed to “go over” the fiscal cliff.  However, not fixing the problem correctly could do the same. In the closing days of the year, less attention has focused on the pending increases in investment taxes, which are […]

The EU’s Steep Fiscal Slope

By reasserting his bad-boy leadership, Berlusconi caused Italy a stock selloff and higher debt financing costs, adding to the European Union’s downhill financial slide.  Investors in Greek bonds, even after a 3rd bailout, expect more haircuts and a decade of gloom.  The EU approved a $48 billion bailout of four Spanish banks, conditioned on aggressive […]

New Study: Investment Tax Increases Threaten Two Million Jobs

New Study Highlights Impact of Tax Hikes on Investment Income Pending increase on investment income will threaten nearly 2 million jobs  WASHINGTON– Although much of the debate in Congress and the media about the upcoming ‘fiscal cliff’ has focused on federal spending and income taxes, the pending increases in dividend and capital gains tax rates […]

Will Public Flogging Improve Their Performance? (Fiscal Cliff—Part 5)

Mature parents know that when teaching children they need to establish an understandable and shared goal, and patiently model the desired behavior.  Praising a child’s efforts and providing opportunities for practice can help the child succeed.  Beating the child with a stick or publicly condemning the child’s character won’t lead to success.  Successful entrepreneurs, supervisors […]