FORBES — FTC to FCC: Consumers Deserve Privacy Protections

As summer transitions to fall and beach season shifts to election season, there is no question change is in the air across America. When it comes to public policy, sensible change can promote increased innovation and progress; while ill-advised change can lead to disastrous outcomes for the economy, consumers, and the nation at-large. One example […]

FCC’s Proposed Privacy Rules Misses the Mark

Today marks the deadline for filing comments into the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) docket on Broadband Privacy. Based upon the language in their proposed rules, the Commission would like the American public to believe that they have a clear path forward to adequately protect consumer data online. This could not be more false. As I […]

Consumer Privacy Protection Must Work For Everyone

This piece discusses the FCC’s recent decision to consider regulating how Internet Service Providers collect and use customer information, but it completely ignores the most notorious offenders of consumer privacy — online web companies. The article suggests that the FTC, not the FCC, is the proper regulator to provide consumer privacy oversight for all.  The article can […]

Who Should Protect and Advise on Consumer Privacy? The Big Picture

In a discussion of who might best secure the consumer’s privacy interests, the FCC, the FTC and the NTIA each made the case for being awarded the prize.  The credentials offered included the FCC’s treatment of Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI), and the FTC’s successes with halting advertiser’s Internet tracking of consumers.  It was very thin gruel and […]

Federal Agencies Squabble Over Privacy Turf

Over the tenure of his administration, President Obama has been promising to reach the remaining few percent of folks that currently don’t have access to broadband Internet. His aptly titled “National Broadband Plan” is slated to cost as much as $350 billion and hasn’t yet provided the service level people expected. As a result the […]

ACI in the Daily Caller — FTC Gives Google a Pass

The Federal Trade Commission dropped their investigation of Google over its business practices on Thursday. The FTC had been looking into whether Google had engaged in anticompetitive practices with the way it serves its search results and if it gives preference to its own products over that of its competitors. Saying that Google did show preference to […]

ACI Quoted in USA Today and Elsewhere

ACI was quoted and interviewed in connection with the FTC’s announcement on Google’s market conduct.  Here is a list (and links) to several of these media sources:  USA Today (and other Gannett papers) quoted ACI, 1/3/13 AFP quoted ACI , 1/3/13 SlashGear ran ACI’s statement on Google-FTC, 1/3/13 Wall Street Cheat Sheet quoted ACI, 1/3/13 […]