Real Clear Energy: Is Biden Driving up Energy Prices?

Draining family budgets through sky-high gas prices until they are bullied into buying a congressionally approved car is cruel. And what of those low-income families who can’t afford a ride into the Green New future? The cold indifference of Joe Biden’s “clean energy revolution” makes him resemble the Robespierre of renewables. The president needs to tackle the […]

Cooler Heads Abandon a Gas Tax Increase

For the past 6 years, consumers endured economic bad news ranging from disappointing to terrible.  Their chance of finding a good new job is so dismal that millions stopped looking.  The middle-class saw their wages and salaries stall or declined.  Their financial net worth declined a shocking 19%.  For many, the value of their home […]

Do Not Treat Consumers Like Piñatas

Former Governor Ed Rendell doesn’t want the oil price decrease wasted on consumers.  He wants a quick hike in the federal gas tax to capture those funds before consumers get used to paying less and using the money to pay family bills or out-of-pocket medical deductibles. It is insulting to pretend that consumers are too […]

Energy as an Economic Stimulus

Energy production is booming in some western states, like North Dakota, where its unemployment rate has fallen below 2%, and fracking has made the potential for gas extraction a promising proposition.  Yet, many major projects, like the Keystone pipeline and development in parts of the Marcellus Shale Field remain in limbo as lawyers, activists and […]

Oil Despots versus a Blind EPA

America’s new found effectiveness in extracting oil and gas from underground deposits has boosted U.S. oil production from 5,077 thousand barrels per day in 2007 to 6,498 thousand barrels per day in 2012.  Further increases are feasible if prices continue covering production costs.  For decades, U.S. oil and gas consumption exceeded production and needed imports […]

Killing Our Carbon-Related Economic Recovery

In an economy with elevated unemployment, chronic under-employment, feeble GDP growth, and federal deficits as far as consumers can see, there is little stimulus to thank except for the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing and the turnaround in US oil and gas production, driven by fracking.  US crude production is up 2 million barrels per day […]

Fracking Done Right — Part I

The economic benefits from fracking (hydraulic fracturing of gas and oil-bearing shale) are widely understood. They include reduced oil imports, a lower deficit in our balance of payments, domestic jobs in energy extraction and in manufacturing that uses natural gas as a feedstock. However, the environmental dangers of fracking are poorly understood and are often […]

Gasoline Tax Hike – Widely Unpopular With Consumers

Consumers have been cutting back on gasoline use.  Many conserve because it is the right thing to do.  More of us agree with that sentiment but have no real economic alternative to gasoline or diesel for the family’s transportation.  Electric car and hybrid capital costs remain much higher than conventional car prices and many gas-fueled […]