Gasoline Tax Hike – Widely Unpopular With Consumers

Consumers have been cutting back on gasoline use.  Many conserve because it is the right thing to do.  More of us agree with that sentiment but have no real economic alternative to gasoline or diesel for the family’s transportation.  Electric car and hybrid capital costs remain much higher than conventional car prices and many gas-fueled […]

An Easy Win for Americans – One That Only Washington Can Lose

Permission to speak plainly?  The U.S. could approach energy self-sufficiency in the next decade.  We are slowly gaining experience in wind and solar, but cost, technical snags and logistics remain unaddressed worries.  The EPA’s jihad against coal damaged that low cost piece of the energy puzzle.  America’s taste for nuclear is soured by Japan’s calamity, […]

The Fracking Solution to a Big Energy Problem

Among the cleanest and most promising technologies in energy production doesn’t come from the sun or the wind or the waters.  Hydraulic fracturing, a newly perfected way to extract natural gas from the ground, gives American energy a breath of new hope, as our reliance on foreign energy sources has been on the rise. Now […]

Innovation for Jobs and Energy Independence

In 2010, US families spent an average $3,454 on gasoline & oil, fuel oil, and natural gas, and $1,705 more for electric utilities, which rely on coal, oil and natural gas for the bulk of their power generation.  Excepting hybrids or battery-only automobile models, our transportation system does not use coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, […]

New National Poll Reveals Consumers Support Expanding U.S. Energy Initiatives to Create Jobs: Most See Economic Benefits, Greater Energy Independence and Lower Prices

WASHINGTON, DC – A new national poll released today finds that the vast majority of consumers support an expansion of energy projects as a way to boost job growth among American workers.  The poll also revealed that most consumers are pessimistic about the health of the economy, and the vast majority support expanding energy initiatives […]

Crude Oil Release: Low Budget Shock & Awe

A surprise release of 60 million barrels (30 million from the US) pushed crude oil prices down for a little while yesterday.  Already prices are recovering and some think prices will tend higher than they would absent the surprise.  The obvious question is why deplete our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) when there’s no actual emergency? […]

Corn Festivals and Thoughts on Juicy Tax Expenditures

Zellwood Florida’s Sweet Corn Festival started the season last week, with another 2 dozen corn festivals around the U.S. later in the year.  These festivals are fun, safe, low cost and benign excuses for a community fundraiser.  Zellwood had plenty of arts and crafts, exhibits, musical entertainment, and plenty of sweet corn to eat.  But […]

Hundreds of Energy Project Blocked Costing Trillions of Dollars: Study by ACI Experts Cited by Fox and Dozens of Newspapers

Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute, and Joseph Fuhr, economics professor at Weidener University and senior fellow at the Institute, released a year-long research study that investigated 351 energy projects in 49 states.  The study, by TeleNomic Research, was conducted at the request of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and gives an independent […]

Hybrids Save Gas, But Are they cost-effective?

We can all understand and appreciate the importance of conserving energy, saving gasoline and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  One suggestion has been to increase the use of hybrids.  However, in terms of cost-effectiveness, hybrids can cost a lot more than they save in gasoline. We developed a “calculator” that looks at all major vehicles sold in the U.S. and found […]