Real Clear Energy: There’s No Celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act

While including a variety of progressive agenda items such as an expansion of the Affordable Care Act, a 15% corporate minimum tax on book income, and a 1% excise tax on corporate stock buybacks, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is laden with expensive green energy provisions that will do little to help consumers heat their homes this […]

Radio Interview: The Sticker Shock of Inflation

In this radio interview, ACI’s Tirzah Duren shares the findings in our recent inflation report with Rush to Reason’s John Rush, explaining how government stimulus and excessive regulation have led to inflation and a reduction in Americans’ purchasing power. Click here to listen to the radio interview.

New ACI Report: Recent Causes of Inflation and Adverse Consequences for Consumers

Consumers agree that the biggest problem facing the United States is inflation, as record price increases have made it harder for families to make ends meet. This report outlines the factors that created an inflationary spiral and what can be done to help lower prices for consumers. The report’s highlights include: Increased government spending and […]

As Inflation Rages, Broadband Prices Fall

Confronted with the unfortunate reality that inflation is here to stay for the foreseeable future, American consumers may be interested to learn that there is at least one service that has not experiencing price increases — broadband internet. According to the third installment of a new report by US Telecom, the 2022 Broadband Pricing Index, […]

Death of Congressional Spending Proposal Would Be a Win for Consumers

Earlier this month, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia helped deliver consumers a victory when he informed Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that he was opposed to voting for any legislative bill that would include costly energy and climate provisions until after the August recess. Weary of exacerbating inflation, Senator Manchin requested that his Democrat […]

The Economic Standard: Biden’s Inflationary Goal

June was another record-breaking month for U.S. inflation, with the Consumer Price Index reaching 9.1%. While American families struggle with the rising cost of living, the Department of Labor (DoL) has promised regulatory changes to the classification of independent contractors that will only increase inflationary pressures on the U.S. economy and exacerbate the financial struggles of millions of Americans. […]

Statement on a Legislative Proposal for Fiscally Responsible Congressional Budgeting

The following is a statement by Krisztina Pusok, Research and Policy Director for the American Consumer Institute: “America desperately needs responsible Congressional budgeting. For too long, the federal government has engaged in reckless fiscal spending that has left the economy in a dire state. We welcome Senator Braun’s proposal to roll back excessive deficit spending, […]

The Hill: Action to Break Up ‘Big Tech’ Will Mean Price Hikes

It is evident that the Senate bill under consideration would “create more problems than it solves,” especially under the current economic uncertainty. As elections approach, Congress should consider addressing issues that consumers and voters care about, like inflation, and not destroy the competitive online marketplace that offers consumers more options at lower prices. Prioritizing legislation that consumers […]

Focus on Antitrust Ignores Voters’ Biggest Worries

The United States Congress is arguably the most powerful deliberative body on the planet. The decisions taken, and sometimes not taken, in the House of Representatives and Senate have the power to shape and reshape people’s lives, not just in America but across the world. With this great power, however, comes the greater responsibility of […]

Inside Sources: Price Control Measures Never Work

It is abundantly clear that Americans desire concrete actions to fix inflation. However, harmful price-control legislation and restrictions on domestic energy production are not the steps Americans need or want. With that in mind, the Consumer Fuel Gouging Prevention Act is a deeply misguided piece of legislation that will do nothing to alleviate the financial […]