Misconceptions About Inflation

As Americans continue to grapple with high inflation, it is worth examining how we got here and addressing some of the common misconceptions and misleading headlines about what is actually driving inflation.  When the first signs of inflation began to appear in early April 2021, America was still coming out of what had been an […]

The Hill: Antitrust Will Not Fix Inflation

While encouraging federal agencies to investigate the practices of large corporations may be a politically smart move given Biden’s low approval ratings and growing concern over inflation and the state of the economy, it is clear that cracking down on large companies will do little to alleviate inflationary pressures. In fact, enhancing antitrust enforcement might […]

Would More Inflation Be Good For Consumers?

A recent New York Times story asked if higher inflation is needed.  Some favor allowing inflation to increase to 6%, kick-starting our stalled economy.  Since the Federal Reserve (Fed) is likely to change interest rates in the near future, consumers should understand the consequences. The traditional Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures price changes in a […]

The Many Downsides of Central Bank Printing Money

The US Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of Japan (BoJ) have each launched an aggressive new bond-buying program to push down the cost of debt and to thereby add stimulus to their flagging economies.  Through this “Quantitative Easing” (QE or in plain language, “money-printing”) the Fed will […]

Government Unproductivity: Doing Less with More

In 1996, the Telecommunications Act made clear the roadmap for how government would interact with the Telecommunications market space moving forward: simply put, it wouldn’t.  The bundle of policies called for drastic deregulation and dialed the executive oversight of Telecommunications way back.  Somehow the FCC never got the message.   A look at the FCC’s Gross […]

Economic Stimulus Will It Work? Maybe, Maybe Not

Economic Stimulus Plan is Not a Panacea   As 2009 begins, I reflect back on how the last bailout performed and reminisce about how all the money that was already wasted bailing out corporations at the expense of American taxpayers, and now it looks like more waste could be coming under the heading of an […]