Fuel Emission and Economy Stickers on Cars Can Deceive

Long ago, a mechanical engineer once told me that cars can be optimized for efficiency, for performance or for maintainability, but not for two of the three.  Few consumers have met that engineer, but the auto market teaches us that to gain acceleration we sacrifice fuel economy, and to cut emissions we need to tolerate […]

American Consumer Institute Calls for FTC Action: What Vacuum Cleaners Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Stephen B. Pociask The razor and razor blade business model is alive and well. The name derives from the practice of the inventor of disposable razor blades, King C. Gillette, who commenced more than a century ago, the marketing practice of selling the permanent platform (razors) at or below cost and the consumable complement to […]

Consumers Support Better Ink Cartridge Labeling

Our online poll of 102 readers found that 96% wanted manufacturers to be required to disclose the cost of printing on printers and printer cartridges.  Because of the lopsidedness of the tally, the error rate in this poll would be plus or minus 3.9%, assuming respondents are representative of the general population.  Clearly, consumers want more information […]

“Street View” Snooping?

37 State Attorney Generals are investigating Google in connection with its Street View, suggesting the possibility that, without permission, Google collected private and personal information on American consumers.  In a letter announcing the investigation, the Connecticut Attorney General asks some probing question about how Google collected its information and provides insight into the direction of the investigation.  Among several issues, the investigation is looking into whether Google collected personal consumer […]

Steve Pociask Quoted in Anne Kadet’s Article “Printer Ink’s Murky Math,” SmartMoney Magazine, July 2009.

Anne Kadet’s article discusses the high cost of computer printer ink and correctly points out that: 1) printer costs per ink can very from 2 cents per black and white page to 14 cents, depending on the inkjet printer; 2) most manufacturers provide insufficient information on ink costs per page, which leads consumers to buy […]

Washington Times Cites ACI — DC Bar Assoc. Fights Consumer Web Site

Today, the Washington Times reported on the District of Columbia Bar Association’s attempt to prevent AVVO’s online service from giving consumer’s better information on its members — DC lawyers.  The article quotes Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research.  Read the Times article here. 

The Need for Better Consumer Information

Consumer Perspectives for the New Year: The Need for Full Disclosure of Relevant Information about Products Discussion of stimulus packages, bailouts and related macroeconomic policy options to create jobs and to get the economy going again has pushed into the background equally important debates over the role of government in individual market segments ranging through […]

Google Does Good

Google is trialing a new service that could produce significant benefits for consumers. It is called GOOG-411, a free telephone information services. Like calling information services to get a telephone number, consumers can dial 1-800-GOOG411 to get a business listing and then to be automatically connected – at no charge. The service appears to work […]

Information Please

IT Consumers Need Fuller Disclosure: Privacy, Security, Labeling and Online Safety   Consumers can make rational choices only when they are given full and accurate information about their options.  Indeed, insufficient, misleading, or otherwise incomplete information is a prime cause of both market and government failure.  Consumers pay, and pay dearly, when they are not […]