Steve Pociask Testifies at New Jersey Hearing

New Jersey State Assemblyman Paul Moriarty introduced legislation that would require printer ink manufacturers to label ink cartridges.  At a June 10th hearing by the Consumer Affairs Committee, Steve Pociask presented information on the issue, concluding that manufacturers need to do a better job of product labeling in order to give consumers the information they need to make good buying […]

LA Times Reports on the Need for Better Product Labelling, Cites American Consumer Institute Research

This Los Angeles Times article discusses the high cost of computer printer ink and the lack of product labeling on ink cartridges.  The article cites ACI’s 2007 study on the issue.  The Times article discusses efforts by the organization — National Conference on Weights and Measures — to investigate the issue.  To read the entire article in the Times, […]

Reader’s Digest Interviews ACI about Potential “Back to School Savings.”

Reader’s Digest Interviews Steve Pociask of ACI on potential “back to school” savings.  In the September 2009 issue, on page 56, ACI provides information on what some are calling “the stink about ink” — the high cost of computer printer ink.  The article offers readers to visit to get ACI’s estimates of printing costs for various […]

Steve Pociask Quoted in Anne Kadet’s Article “Printer Ink’s Murky Math,” SmartMoney Magazine, July 2009.

Anne Kadet’s article discusses the high cost of computer printer ink and correctly points out that: 1) printer costs per ink can very from 2 cents per black and white page to 14 cents, depending on the inkjet printer; 2) most manufacturers provide insufficient information on ink costs per page, which leads consumers to buy […]

What is the Real Cost of Owning a Printer?

The Lack of Industry Standards Leads Consumers to Overspend $6 Billion for Home Computer Printers and Printer Ink A major study released by the Institute found that consumers were being lured into buying inexpensive printers, only later to pay substantially more for ink. In a recent ConsumerGram, we concluded that giving all consumers more information […]

Ink Scam!

Controlling the Price of Ink – What Can Consumers Do? Study Finds Consumers Overcharged for Inkjet Cartridges   A recent study by the American Consumer Institute looked at the inkjet printer and ink cartridge market and found that consumers are losing billions of dollars due to overpriced ink.  Because consumers are not given sufficient information […]