Savings from a Trillion in Health Costs

Some of the government decisions that push Americans toward the brink of sanity are in healthcare policies that can and should be reversed.  With forethought and some political courage, better health policies can be adopted that allow consumers to make better arrangements and save substantially.  The following opportunities call for smarter government policies – they […]

Great Medical Advances and Fearsome Costs

In November 2013, the FDA ordered a medical testing upstart named 23andMe to halt selling its $99 genetic testing service to consumers until it could prove the tests were reliable.  By February 2015, 23andMe was vindicated and able to sell at least some testing.  The FDA announced that it will allow patients to get partial […]

The Big World of Government Subsidies — Where’s My Ride Voucher?

If you were working hard and caring for your family you might have missed some federal subsidies that parallel consumers’ spending.  The Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2011, shows an average household spent $64,000 and the top seven categories account for 87% of it.  Except for vehicle-related and entertainment, the federal government already offers subsidies in […]

Looking for Medicare Satisfied Doctors

About a third of Medicare beneficiaries find it difficult to find a doctor who will accept Medicare.  In 2008, 29% of Medicare beneficiaries seeking a new physician (of any specialty) had trouble finding a new physician who would take Medicare.  It is worse in some areas.  For example in 2008, 60% of the internists associated […]

Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t

An important question behind today’s health care issues should be; what are the right screenings and treatments to pursue?   “Right” means those practices established as best by the most unbiased and medically competent practitioners.   But that was before politicians started hijacking the “right answers.” The key question behind health care issues has become; who should […]

ACI and Heartland Institute Held a Capitol Hill Event on How to Cut Medicare and Medicaid Costs Without Sacrificing Services

Brent Wilkes, Executive Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens, spoke at ACI’s Capitol Hill sponsored event.  Other speakers included Peter Cramton (University of Maryland Economics Professor) and Steve Grist (Assistant Attorney General of Virginia).

Saving the Economy Means Cutting the Waste

As most anyone can see, federal spending has gotten out of control. As you read this, the so called “Super Committee” is looking for ways to cut billions from the federal budget in an attempt get spending under control and, hopefully, right the drifting ship that is our economy.  While most agree that Congress needs […]

Containing Medicare and Medicaid Costs Without Sacrificing Services

Congress has an urgent need to control Federal Deficit.  Earlier this year, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform identified the containment of government medical program costs as a major priority to controlling the Federal spending.  With the aging US population, the need to address ways to control medical costs is more important than […]

What to Expect in the Government Controlled Health System, Part 1

Unless Congress makes major changes by 2014, we will face The Affordable Care Act.   Many American consumers are unhappy with some aspects of government-run health care and pundits rant on its failings and merits.  Consumers deserve a lucid presentation of the choices and costs that they will face directly, and in “Part 1” (of this […]