Vertical Mergers and Acquisitions Can Provide Consumer Benefits

In July 2021, Biden’s administration authorized the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to amend vertical merger standards and make it more challenging for companies to merge with or acquire other companies. These measures are part of the White House’s goal to “reduce the trend of corporate consolidation, increase competition, and deliver concrete benefits to […]

Restricting Mergers and Acquisitions: An Outlook on the Start-up Ecosystem and Innovation

Many lawmakers seem eager to rein in the power of big tech and there seems to be a wide-spread agreement across the political aisle that something needs to be done. Among the proposed remedies is to restrict mergers and acquisitions. In this episode, Jeff Farrah, General Counsel at the National Venture Capital Association, is sharing […]

Another Antitrust Bill Misses the Mark

After a quiet couple of months, congressional trustbusters are set to make another attempt to reign in big tech and make it harder for them to provide the substantial consumer benefits consumers are used to. The Open App Markets Act (OAMA), recently introduced by Senators Blumenthal (D-CT) and Klobuchar (D-MN), would fundamentally alter how consumers […]

Inside Sources: House Bill Will Kill The Tech Ecosystem

When considering whether larger companies should be allowed to acquire smaller competitors, lawmakers should abandon the immediate presumption that “big is bad.” Instead, they should understand that acquisitions can support innovation, the broader economy, consumer welfare, and a competitive marketplace. Instead of deferring to a “big is bad” mentality, policymakers should recognize this reality and […]

Vertical Consolidation in Health Care

Additional consolidation in the health care industry is underway. Concerns about consolidation creating oversized companies naturally escalate in segments of the health care industry such as pharmaceuticals, distribution and insurance. A recent AMA study found that the prices of labor, pharmaceuticals, devices and administrative costs explain the almost double cost of health care in the […]

The Tortuous Path to Winning TimeWarner, Sky and Fox

Walt Disney Co., Comcast, and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox organization are vying to gain control of Sky Plc, a high value satellite broadcast and production asset based in Europe.  Sky is a leader in pay-TV services in the UK, and regional markets including Germany and Italy. Sky also sells broadband and mobile phone services, and it […]