Washington, DC – Today, the American Consumer Institute (ACI) released a policy brief highlighting the importance of mergers and acquisitions to the tech ecosystem. This brief comes in response to the growing prominence of techlash in America and Congress’ consideration of bills that seek to limit mergers and acquisitions and fundamentally alter how the industry operates. As noted in the brief, “such proposals… could deny small businesses the opportunity to grow, innovate, and lower prices for goods and services for the benefit of consumers.” The goal is to send a clear warning to lawmakers about the potential consequences of their decisions.

Krisztina Pusok, one of the brief’s authors, said: “Disregarding economic theory and evidence, policymakers keep persisting in their attempts to block mergers and acquisitions that promote innovation, economic growth, and benefit the consumer. This policy brief speaks directly to how these attempts, if implemented, might deny businesses of all sizes the opportunity to generate economies of scale that allow them to lower prices and enhance the range of goods and services they provide.”

You can read the report here.