Imagining Post-Coronavirus Labor Market Should Put Spotlight on Occupational Licensing Reform

Occupational licensing will have a profound impact on the U.S. economic recovery in a post-coronavirus world. At least 1 in 5 American workers holds an occupational license, a rate (for comparison) that far exceeds union membership. More than 1,000 jobs — ranging from electrical helpers to animal trainers to fortune-tellers — require a license in […]

States Should Follow Arizona’s Occupational Licensing Reform

Over 750 people now have jobs in Arizona because of universal occupational licensing. In a report from the Goldwater Institute, after Arizona passed a bill last year that recognizes out-of-state occupational licensing, workers that moved into the Grand Canyon State were able to find work without having to retrain for a professional license. While this […]

Real Clear Public Affairs: California’s Occupational Licensing Laws Cost Consumers and Businesses Billions

For the benefit of consumers, entrepreneurs, and workers, state legislators need to pare back occupational licensing regulations. These cruel rules target the most vulnerable in society and burden consumers with artificially high costs. To read this op-ed, visit Real Clear Public Affairs.  

California’s Occupational Licensing Laws Cost Consumers and Businesses Billions

California is one of the most regulated states when it comes to occupational licensing. It is estimated that more than 20% of Californian workers need to acquire a license before they can even step into the workplace. Rather than protecting the public, these laws drive up costs for both businesses and consumers—while punishing the poor. […]

Momentum Builds for Occupational Licensing Reform in 2019

For those of us concerned that states’ occupational licensing laws are inhibiting economic opportunity and hurting consumers, 2019 is off to a good start. Occupational licensing laws, which make it illegal to work in an occupation without getting the government’s permission, have proliferated over the last few decades. Today, licensing affects as many as 3 […]

The Victims of Occupational Licensing

As the issues of poverty, inequality, and economic mobility have gained traction in the American political debate, one central issue has been largely ignored: occupational licensing. It’s well-known that the best way to help the disadvantaged is to make it easier to find a good-paying job. Fewer than 3 percent of people with a full-time, […]

Excessive Occupational Licensing Regulations Hurt Consumers

Suppose there was a collection of laws, that cost the average American household $1,600 every year with little to no demonstrable benefit. You would hope voters would demand its repeal and policymakers would act swiftly to lift this needless burden. It turns out there are such laws — thousands of them, in fact. The culprits […]

Occupational Licensing Isn’t About Public Safety, It’s About Soaking Consumers

Consumers pay more than $200 billion per year in higher prices caused by occupational licensing regulations. And what do they get in return? Not much. Occupational licensing laws make it illegal to enter an occupation without the state’s seal of approval. They are ostensibly meant to protect the public from low-quality and unsafe services by […]

Excessive Occupational Licensing Costs Consumers Billions

If you’ve ever hired a plumber, got your hair cut, or remodeled your home, you probably overpaid. Thanks to government occupational licensing regulations, prices for those services — and thousands more — are artificially inflated, benefiting a select few at the expense of millions of American consumers. More than 1,000 occupations — including plumbers, barbers, […]