Occupational Licensing Doesn’t Improve the Quality of Services, It Makes It Worse

The proportion of U.S. workers who are required to hold a government license to do their job has grown substantially over the last seven decades. Today, nearly 3 in 10 workers are licensed, up from just 1 in 20 in 1950. Thousands of occupations require licensure in at least one state, ranging from barbers and […]

Occupational Licensure and the New Dark Ages

If you find yourself “between jobs” in Florida, you may notice job postings paying up to $11.85 per hour for a funeral attendant. The posting says you would be responsible for “placing a casket in a parlor or chapel prior to service, arranging floral offerings or lights around casket, directing or escorting mourners, and closing […]

Excessive Occupational Licensing Regulations Drive Up Prices and Reduce Consumer Welfare

Do you need a government license to do your job? If not, count yourself lucky. Cosmetologists, realtors, interior designers, funeral attendants, auctioneers, barbers — all must obtain a government license to work in most states. Whereas once licensing requirements were mostly confined to occupations related to health care and law, the percentage of American workers […]