Paperless Tickets—A Bad Deal for Consumers

For many years, a fight has been ongoing between Ticketmaster and consumers, represented by secondary ticket markets like StubHub. At stake is consumer freedom to resell or easily give away the tickets they’ve already purchased. Ticketmaster, the far and away leader in the ticketing market, is increasingly making it difficult for consumers by increasingly instituting […]

The Ticket Monopoly

Looking back at the holiday season, giving or receiving tickets to an event would seem to have been a great gift idea. It could have been tickets to a theatre play for your significant other, Christmas concerts with the family, playoff games with dad, and Christmas Foo Fighters tickets for your rebellious teenager. But this year’s […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Anti-Consumer Ticketing on the Rise

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in a type of ticket to live entertainment and sports events that does not have the consumer’s best interests at heart.  This summer, “A-list” artists, including Arcade Fire, Eric Church, Garth Brooks and The Black Keys, will use this paperless system. From a convenience standpoint, […]

Well, Look Who’s Scalping Tickets

Paperless ticketing is becoming an increasingly common way to issue tickets for events–in sports and entertainment especially. From a convenience standpoint, this seems to be a win for consumers—no need to worry about losing your tickets along with the appearance of efficiency through technology. But while that may be the appearance, it’s anything but the […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Mugged by the Ticket Cartel Gatekeepers

Entertainers and ticket sellers have a right to earn an honest living, but we’re tired of being mugged at the ticket booth.  Shameless greed has become standard practice and it’s neither entertaining nor sportsman-like conduct.  Ticket vendors have perfected the art of trolling.  They slap high fees on ticket sales and for the event tickets […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Ticketmaster’s Paperless Ticketing is a Loss for Consumers

Paperless ticketing is a relatively new concept in the live events space, one that’s been increasingly implemented more and more over the years—from theaters to sporting events to concerts. In some cases, this appears to add a level of convenience to consumer lives—the need to remember your tickets or the worry of losing them is […]

Paperless Tickets, Costly to Consumers

In recent years, Ticketmaster, the dominant seller of tickets to events and concerts, has moved to providing more and more paperless tickets, stating that these tickets are a benefit to consumers.  Our ConsumerGram – “Paperless Tickets, Costly to Consumers” – shows that the motivation behind paperless tickets is not about helping consumers.  In fact, these tickets greatly inconvenience consumers and can […]

Tallahassee Democrat: Proposed Legislation to Protect Ticket Scalpers?

Should Legislation Protect Consumers or Cons and Ticket Scalpers? Everyone knows someone that has gone to a concert or a sporting event, having paid far beyond the ticket’s face value.  Many of us have also heard the horror stories of a fan going to concert only to find someone else sitting in their seat – […]

Preventing a Ticket to Nowhere

As you approach the ticket taker, you pull out your two tickets for the event of the year.  The stadium employee smiles, grabs the tickets, scans them with a handheld device…and frowns.  I’m sorry, but these tickets aren’t valid.  Your mind races: did you go on the wrong day?  The ticket taker shakes her head […]