THE HILL: ITC’s Flexible Enforcement May Protect Consumers and Markets

In recent years, an increasing number of cases have been brought before the International Trade Commission (ITC) that may not warrant the agency’s remedy or even review. Increasingly, ITC complaints are leveraged as an end-run around the U.S. District Courts for plaintiffs seeking to enhance their negotiating position. In addition, the solitary remedy available to […]

Qualcomm’s Efforts to Preserve Monopoly Hinders Rollout of 5G in U.S.

There’s reason to fear the U.S. is falling way behind China, a chief international competitor, in the race to commercialize 5G technology. While the U.S. was once the leader in wireless services, a new Deloitte study finds China moving quickly to buildout its “next generation” wireless broadband services (5G). That competitive lead will give an […]

Morning Consult: Time to Get Ready for 5G Wireless Broadband Services

Radical improvements to cellular communication are on the horizon as tech companies and service providers prepare to roll out 5G, the next generation of wireless broadband technology. With speeds 100 times faster than today’s networks, 5G will unleash innovative consumer technologies — like smart cities, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars — that will bring countless […]

Qualcomm Effort to Preserve Monopoly Jeopardizes Consumer Broadband Benefits

One particular issue that threatens to delay consumers’ access to 5G is a patent dispute between Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cellular chips, and Apple. Qualcomm claims that some functions of Apple’s smartphones equipped with Intel chips infringe on its patents and has asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban imports […]

ACI in Forbes: Do Qualcomm’s Tactics Harm Consumers?

Most consumers don’t care what makes their smartphones work, even though smartphones cost a good chunk of change. As long as they can get online anywhere to search, tweet, download, snap and share; all is well. But it’s the ability to connect to the Internet that makes a smartphone, smart. The technology that enables this […]

Coalition Letter to Congress: Curtail Venue Shopping in Patent Lawsuits

Last year, ACI’s Alan Daily wrote two pieces on patent trolls and how these trolls were “shopping” courts to find forums with better legal outcomes.  Today, a broad coalition of think tanks has sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of a bill that would curtail this “gamesmanship” and reduce abusive patent lawsuits.  The letter is […]

Patent Litigation: Slow, Costly, Error-Prone

A few insightful studies of intellectual property abuses and patent infringement defenses have highlighted the role of patent trolls and patent pools. The litigation between patent holders and those accused of infringement is resolved in district courts where large, unproductive process costs and awards eventually hit consumers. Part of these problems seems to be fostered […]

ACI in Forbes — Abuse From Patent Pools

While patent talks in D.C. remain focused on “patent trolls” and the prolonged efforts in the Senate to mark up a counterpart bill to the already-passed Innovation Act, the damaging effects of another patent area loom large for consumers. Thanks to something called “patent pools” you could be overpaying for many consumer goods. Remember that […]