ACI in Real Clear Policy: The Rise of State-Sponsored Patent Trolls

This piece, by ACI’s Alan Daley, discusses the problems caused by patent trolls and the alarming rise in state-sponsored patents trolls.  The piece can be read in its entirety at Real Clear Policy —

For Whom the Patent Trolls

This week, representatives from a few startup tech companies made their way to Capitol Hill and the White House to show firsthand to lawmakers the detrimental effect that patent trolls can bring to small businesses and startups trying to make their way. Their goal—show how these patent trolls are, in President Obama’s words, “extorting” money […]

Pharmaceutical Patent Theft Harms Consumers

In India, patent theft seems to be in style.  Recently, Novartis’ Glivec, a cancer fighting drug was denied patent status in India.  India claims Glivec is insufficiently novel to deserve a patent.  The claim is at odds with Glivec’s patent protections in large and low income countries that play by the rules, including China.  In […]