FORBES: Postal Office Performance is “Out of Service”

The United States Postal Service (Postal Service) is long overdue for a major reorganization. As I have discussed in the past, it is losing billions of dollars each year, but it keeps subsidizing unprofitable and unregulated ventures with its regulated services, rather than sticking to its core mission – just delivering letters. What is new […]

Peer Assessment Won’t Cut It

Most teachers are dedicated and hardworking, but some are not preparing children with the right stuff to succeed in today’s competitive world of jobs. US graduates and young adults underperform in math, technology and literacy compared with our developed economy competitors.  We cannot expect our new graduates to play a role in winning high value […]

Inconsistent Progress in K-12 Education

Recently, the bad news was that the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress showed that only 38% of our students scored proficient or higher in reading, and 26% did so in math.  That day’s good news revealed that scores were level with performance in 2009, letting us proudly proclaim — we’re not worse! But the […]

Update on the state of wireless competition in the U.S.

Joseph Fuhr and Steve Pociask’s latest article “Comparison of Structure, Conduct and Performance: U.S. versus Europe’s Wireless Markets,” is now available in the book “A collection of Essays on Infrastructure Versus Service-Based Competition: The Case of Mobile Telecommunications,” editors Laurent Benzoni and Patrice Geoffron with forward by Professor Martin Cave, Quantifica Publishing, Paris, 2008.