Is America Getting “Ripped Off” on Drug Prices?

Just recently, the House Ways and Means Committee passed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing bill which would lower prices on 250 drugs. To accomplish her goal, she plans to implement a “International Pricing Index” (IPI). While it might sound like a workable solution (in theory), it could lead to several disastrous consequences, especially for the […]

Morning Consult: Effort to Regulate Airline Fees Would Hurt American Flyers

Some politicians, it seems, have trouble learning the lessons of history. An effort is underway in the U.S. Senate to create strict government price controls on airlines, a return to the era when federal bureaucrats set airfares, selected domestic routes and regulated flight schedules, which resulted in artificially higher prices, stifled competition, and a massive […]

Daily Caller: ITC Could Make Smartphones A Lot More Expensive

Qualcomm has asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation of some Apple smartphones that use the chips of its competitors. The issue stems from a patent dispute between Qualcomm, a maker of baseband processor chipsets used in many popular electronic devices, and Apple, a manufacturer of these devices. Now, a new report […]

You Can Blame Pharmacy Benefit Managers for Higher Drug Prices — Real Clear Health

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) administer prescription drug plans on behalf of insurers and employers. In the process, they negotiate reimbursement terms with pharmacies and drug prices with drug manufacturers. While plan sponsors face the direct financial costs of the prescription plans being offered to its members or employees, PBMs act as middlemen in the process. […]

Drug Pricing Still Out of Control

To address consumers’ experience with drugs priced at outrageous levels, a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight & Reform was held.  Witness Martin Shkreli used a 5th amendment dodge to avoid testifying on his inexcusable role in the pricing of drugs.  A few in Congress were sufficiently angered that they urged HHS “to issue […]

Time to Negotiate Drug Prices

The 15 million enrolled in the biggest Medicare part D plans will face average premium hikes of 8% in 2016. The increase in 2014 was 11%. These increases are enough to provoke consumer grumbling about prices, but consumers are not actually overwhelmed by prescription drug costs, yet. Instead, they fear that prescription drugs for a […]

Home Bittersweet Home

For decades housing was a buoyant force in our economy. Lately it has been a dead-weight in the lives of many who are in or who are approaching retirement.  Their retirement portfolios are not generating enough income to pay the bills, and because of spotty employment, many are failing to make regular contributions.  A generation […]

Gasoline Tax Hike – Widely Unpopular With Consumers

Consumers have been cutting back on gasoline use.  Many conserve because it is the right thing to do.  More of us agree with that sentiment but have no real economic alternative to gasoline or diesel for the family’s transportation.  Electric car and hybrid capital costs remain much higher than conventional car prices and many gas-fueled […]

Eli Lehrer: Consumer Federation of America’s ‘Shocking’ New Study

When one strips away the posturing and insinuations of sinister corporate conspiracies contained in the new report on auto insurance rates from the Consumer Federation of America, you’re left with a pretty simple conclusion: If you shop around for things on the Internet, you can often find a better price than the one you’re first offered.This isn’t a cause […]