Summary Statement: ACI Testifies in North Carolina Regarding Cartel Insurance Pricing

Before the North Carolina Joint Legislative Study Committee on Automobile Insurance Statement of Steve Pociask President of the American Consumer Institute, Center for Citizen Research January 25, 2012 Raleigh, North Carolina Today I will talk about a number of problems with the current regulatory system in North Carolina, including the existence of hidden fees and […]

Proposal to Raise Reinsurance Taxes Would Harm American Consumers

The Obama administration is supporting legislation that would lead to higher taxes on foreign insurers.   But the legislative change would not provide any favors for Americans, who would ultimately pay these taxes in the form of higher insurance costs.  This is particularly true for those American residents living in coastal areas.  Indeed, in Florida, where […]

American Consumer Institute ConsumerGram: Are Broadband Prices Too High?

American Consumer Institute ConsumerGram: Are Broadband Prices Too High? Recent findings by ACI suggest “affordability” depends on context  WASHINGTON – Today the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research released a ConsumerGram addressing the affordability of broadband Internet service.  They find that “affordability” for a given consumer depends not only on the price of the […]

As Competition Heats up in the Consumer Electronics Market: Who Do Consumers Prefer – Wal-Mart or Best Buy?

With the demise of Circuit City and Tweeter, the two biggest retailers in the consumer electronics market – Best Buy and Wal-Mart – are fighting it out, leaving consumers to be the biggest winner. This ConsumerGram explores what shoppers want when they look for electronic goods, and preliminary survey research finds that shoppers think product […]