Too Often, Government Unjustly Seizes Property

We are too familiar with government-imposed taxes on income, property and consumption.  But there is a sleazier class of economic attack favored by some in government; eminent domain seizures and civil forfeiture.  These seizures are narrowly focused on assets of an individual and conducted without the owner’s assent.  In some cases, the purported justification is […]

Proposal to Raise Reinsurance Taxes Would Harm American Consumers

The Obama administration is supporting legislation that would lead to higher taxes on foreign insurers.   But the legislative change would not provide any favors for Americans, who would ultimately pay these taxes in the form of higher insurance costs.  This is particularly true for those American residents living in coastal areas.  Indeed, in Florida, where […]

Letter to Florida Policymakers: Stop the Insurance Scam

This PDF (aci-letter) is an example letter to policymakers urging them to stop the ongoing insurance scam that is driving up consumer prices.  The author, ACI president Steve Pociask, takes issue with the fact that the former state consumer advocate was scheduled to meet at the state Capitol as a voice of opposition against reforms that […]

ACI Presents at the Florida Insurance Summit — Coverage

ACI is cited In the Heritage Foundation’s Out of the Storm News: “Steve Pociask, President of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, echoed Atwater’s remarks, noting that while markets can fail, so too can government policies – and in Florida, they have.  He encouraged state policymakers to enable greater free market competition in […]

Sun-Sentinel OP-ED: Florida’s Public Option

Citizen’s Not the Best Option for Consumers Imagine state government setting up a company to compete against private businesses. Suppose this government company begins selling products and services below cost, driving companies out of the market and leading to layoffs. Now, imagine the government business, realizing its prices are too low, decides to recoup losses by […]

The Public Option for Property Insurance?

The Public Option is Here for Property Insurance   When someone knowingly sells property insurance, but has no financial backing to pay insurance claims, it is fraud.  But when state insurance commissioners, like those in Florida and most recently in Texas, encourage insolvent insurance operations, it is just politics, and taxpayers and consumers are left to pay the difference.    […]

Coastal Subsidies Cost Inland Consumers

Published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on September 22, 2009:  Coastal Subsidies Cost Inland Consumers  It is time for some straight talk about homeowners insurance in Texas.  Most consumers are not aware that their premiums are higher than they should be because state politicians chose to make some consumers subsidize others.   Over the years, the […]