Inside Sources: Market Dominance in Chip Manufacturing Will Mean Higher Prices

One of the most contentious antitrust cases of 2019, FTC v. Qualcomm, is in full swing at a courthouse in San Jose, California. With several other legal cases pending for Qualcomm, a lot is at stake. For Qualcomm, its fundamental business model is what’s at risk. For everyone else? Market competition, innovation and national security. […]

Morning Consult: FTC Should Seek a Ruling in Qualcomm Case

Early this month, U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh issued a preliminary ruling in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) case against Qualcomm, finding that the company must license its standard essential patent (SEP) technology to rival chipmakers. This is a significant blow to the chipmaker, coming on the heels of September’s neutral fact-finding decision by […]

Daily Caller: FTC, Don’t Settle With Qualcomm

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint early last year claiming that Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cellular chips, engages in anticompetitive behavior, including refusing to license its competitors, charging excessive royalties and cutting favorable deals with manufacturers who agree not to buy chips from Qualcomm’s competitors. This article explains why the […]

Qualcomm’s Efforts to Preserve Monopoly Hinders Rollout of 5G in U.S.

There’s reason to fear the U.S. is falling way behind China, a chief international competitor, in the race to commercialize 5G technology. While the U.S. was once the leader in wireless services, a new Deloitte study finds China moving quickly to buildout its “next generation” wireless broadband services (5G). That competitive lead will give an […]

Morning Consult: Time to Get Ready for 5G Wireless Broadband Services

Radical improvements to cellular communication are on the horizon as tech companies and service providers prepare to roll out 5G, the next generation of wireless broadband technology. With speeds 100 times faster than today’s networks, 5G will unleash innovative consumer technologies — like smart cities, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars — that will bring countless […]

Qualcomm Effort to Preserve Monopoly Jeopardizes Consumer Broadband Benefits

One particular issue that threatens to delay consumers’ access to 5G is a patent dispute between Qualcomm, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cellular chips, and Apple. Qualcomm claims that some functions of Apple’s smartphones equipped with Intel chips infringe on its patents and has asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban imports […]

Trump’s FTC Nominees Must Keep the Pressure Up on Qualcomm

Among the urgent issues facing President Trump’s nominees for vacant FTC seats is one that is unique in its scope. Republicans Joe Simons, Noah Phillips and Christine Wilson along with Democrat Rohit Chopra are slated for a Senate confirmation hearing tomorrow. If approved, they will inherit the FTC’s civil antitrust action against Qualcomm. And the […]

Daily Caller: ITC Could Make Smartphones A Lot More Expensive

Qualcomm has asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation of some Apple smartphones that use the chips of its competitors. The issue stems from a patent dispute between Qualcomm, a maker of baseband processor chipsets used in many popular electronic devices, and Apple, a manufacturer of these devices. Now, a new report […]

ITC Decision Could Be Costly for Consumers

Consumers are at risk of paying higher prices for smartphones because of a potential shortage that could hit the market, if the International Trade Commission (ITC) decides to block the importation of some popular devices.  Out latest ConsumerGram explores how an importation ban of certain Apple smartphones will affect competition, increase market concentration and lead […]

Forbes: Qualcomm vs. The Facts

The events of this year suggest that the antitrust hammer may finally be dropping on Qualcomm, which is good news for just about everyone else, particularly consumers. However, if you ask Qualcomm, they will tell you that the longstanding objections to their business practices from a diverse set of credible sources and institutions are all […]