Huffington Post — Will Smartphone Prices Being Going Up?

As consumers open their wallets to buy the latest and greatest smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, they may not realize that bad actors in the patent space are inflating the price of these devices, and costs could soon be going up, if Qualcomm gets its way. Earlier this month, Qualcomm filed a complaint with […]

FORBES: Internet Of Things Depends On Businesses Working Together

This week, the newly created White House American Technology Council convened a series of policy discussions on the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), something I have discussed here in the past. The news is a welcome and timely development, given the breakneck speed at which IoT technologies are progressing – from driverless cars, to remote […]

ACI in Forbes: Do Qualcomm’s Tactics Harm Consumers?

Most consumers don’t care what makes their smartphones work, even though smartphones cost a good chunk of change. As long as they can get online anywhere to search, tweet, download, snap and share; all is well. But it’s the ability to connect to the Internet that makes a smartphone, smart. The technology that enables this […]