ACI Submits Comments to the FCC Regarding Robocalls

Today, ACI submitted reply comments in response to a Public Notice released by the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission providing input for a staff report on call blocking as required by the Commission’s Call Blocking Declaratory Ruling and Third Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. You can read the filing here.

The Hill: Robocalls May Be Annoying, But Not All Are Bad

Although robocalls may be so irritating that it makes us choose not to answer phone numbers we don’t recognize, not all scams are masked as robocalls. There are legitimate notifications that deliver important information about your bank account, lab test results, weather alerts, and even more serious safety-related info. Read this op-ed to learn more. […]

The FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Files a Recommendation on Robocall Blocking

Today, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Consumer Advisory Committee filed a recommendation on robocall block notification and critical call list development.  The filing makes a recommendation to FCC Chairman Pai.  This issue has been a high priority topic for the FCC.  The filing can be read here.

ICYMI: Consumer Protections Wins and Fails: Tech 1.0

If you missed part one of our new webinar series you can watch it HERE now. On Tuesday, we gathered leading policy experts to tackle some of the toughest issues facing consumers in tech policy. Panelists discussed how future consumer protections are shaping up, from privacy legislation and what to do about robocalls, to the […]

“Catch and Release” Game with Robocallers

Few consumers have escaped the electronic sewage from telephone robocallers and marketer calls that violate our “do not call” registrations (DNCR).  These malicious marketers waste consumer resources while riding upon automatic dialers and caller ID spoofing software.  Those technologies help criminals flush high volumes of unsolicited calls onto innocent consumers.  The calls waste consumers’ time, […]

Robocalls – It Depends On Content, Not on How It’s Dialed

The few robocalls I get on my cellphone are fast-talker recordings on a political issue. I often retort even though they are not listening.  I don’t get any public service warnings telling me of looming tornados, school snow days or Amber Alerts.  I don’t get sales calls from companies I have no affiliation with. Somehow […]