Save Us from Congress’ “Savings” Scam

The Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 (FCRA) may sound righteous, but it contains a scam costing consumers a pile of money.  The FCRA forces the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to assume that loans made directly by the government earn huge profits (called “savings”) without provision that such estimates could be wrong.  Congress likes this […]

Letter to Florida Policymakers: Stop the Insurance Scam

This PDF (aci-letter) is an example letter to policymakers urging them to stop the ongoing insurance scam that is driving up consumer prices.  The author, ACI president Steve Pociask, takes issue with the fact that the former state consumer advocate was scheduled to meet at the state Capitol as a voice of opposition against reforms that […]

Free Golf Carts: But Who’s Really Getting Taken for a Ride?

Florida’s regulations have created a parasitic ecosystem that survives off of bilking insurance companies for money.  These regulations encourage trial lawyers to seek damages, exaggerate claims and, in some cases, allows them to collect two-and-one half times their fees – and it’s all legal.  However, while insurance companies are paying for this, consumers are the real victims. […]

Phone Scam Raids Consumer’s Wallets

Our last ConsumerGram analyzed the hidden telephone fees that consumers pay as a result of an outdated system of regulated payments between telephone companies. We concluded then that these payments represent subsidies that hurt consumers, are inefficient, and are not sustainable in the face of increasing competition. Moreover, the subsidy scheme works to discourage investment […]

Ink Scam!

Controlling the Price of Ink – What Can Consumers Do? Study Finds Consumers Overcharged for Inkjet Cartridges   A recent study by the American Consumer Institute looked at the inkjet printer and ink cartridge market and found that consumers are losing billions of dollars due to overpriced ink.  Because consumers are not given sufficient information […]

Subsidies for Companies Are Not in Consumers’ Interest:

  This ConsumerGram draws on conclusions from research done by academics and public policy analysts inside and outside government.  It addresses the current scheme of subsidizing some telephone companies by making other companies pay fees well above costs.  These fees represent hidden taxes that consumers ultimately pay.  This “tax and subsidy” scheme has a long […]