Some Tradeoffs in Internet Security

As consumers, we rely directly on Internet for communicating with others, for earning a living, and for buying things or services that our families need.  Indirectly, we depend on reliable Internet service to our friends and relatives, and to our merchants, employers and government.  We need the physical Internet to work reliably and we expect […]

Ugly Steps Leading To Internet Security

Civilian cybercriminals continue launching viruses, worms and other malware that steal identity and financial information that should remain private.  Consumers are wise to protect their personal computers (laptops, tablets, and smart phones are computers too) with antivirus software and a firewall.  These security tools are not perfect, but along with common sense they will thwart […]

Cybersecurity and Regulations

A slew of major media companies have been targeted by hackers, coming mainly from China, according to reports that have surface in the past two weeks. The New York Times, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post have all reported being the target of cyberattacks originating from the Asian country. According to a […]

Internet Security versus Anonymity and “’Gimme it Free”

Cloud computing has established distribution pathways that are more cost efficient and that reach more customers where and when they want entertainment or information.  Connecting the clouds to customers, faster telecom (wireless and wireline) will create more value for users and more productivity to entertainment and information producers. Businesses and manufacturers are increasingly relying on […]

Cyber Hands in the Till

With real war brewing in the Middle East, the ongoing ugliness of Washington’s narcissism, and with Europe in deepening recession — do consumers really need to worry about security breaches at inept banks?  Yes they do.  Consumers know security breaches can burden them for years with legal difficulties and costs.  Consumers have heard about types […]

Internet Regulations: Executive Order Undermines Democratic Principles and Harms Consumers

This past summer, lawmakers in Washington were attempting to pass a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill with the intention of strengthening the nation’s infrastructure from cyber attacks.  Democratic lawmakers were pushing a bill that would have given regulatory agencies the power to mandate security measures on private industries, such as power companies and other utilities.  Republican lawmakers […]

You Have to Get on the Plane to Find Out Where It’s Going

A friend booked a direct flight from Detroit to Lansing, Michigan.  He boarded the plane but it sat motionless for half an hour after scheduled takeoff.   Once airborne, the captain announced that he’d be making an unscheduled stop in Port Huron to pick up passengers.  They arrived in Lansing two hours late.  The annoying experience […]

Digital Privacy and Security to Protect It — Part 6: Protecting the Public Can Mean Losing Basic Freedoms

My earlier blogs have focused on digital privacy and security – including 1) anti-virus protections, 2) online nuisances, 3) the risks of online financial scams, 4) unauthorized access to your communications accounts and 5) potential headaches from your use of social network sites.  There have been a several instances where technology is being used in […]

Digital Privacy and Security to Protect It – Part 5: Social Network Headaches

This blog is my fifth in series on digital privacy and security.  Earlier, I address such topics as 1) anti-virus protections, 2) online nuisances, 3) the risks of online financial scamsand 4) unauthorized access to your communications accounts.  In this blog we will discuss how some attacks can be successful without your direct cooperation – […]