Divergent Currents in Retailing

The transformation in retailing from bricks and mortar to online with home delivery is still underway.  Within that transition, costs are being pared and young consumers’ tastes are better accommodated.  Online has captured about 15% of retail sales, and its share is growing a point or two each year.  Arch rivals, Amazon and Walmart are […]

Are Shopping Malls Dying?

Some malls are dying, but not all. Despite scary headlines about the demise of malls, TV and internet shopping, urbanization, and the attitudes of younger consumers, some malls are prospering. “Simon, GGP and Taubman are owners of the highest quality mall REIT portfolios, reported a particularly positive fourth quarter [in 2016]… occupancy continues to exceed […]

Does Physical or Online Layaway Make Sense For Consumers?

Layaway is a option to help some consumers with cash-flow for big retail purchases (alas, not T-bone steaks) during the holiday season.  Some of the big box retailers run layaway programs allowing consumers to reserve merchandise with a down-payment and then to pay in full by a certain date.  Layaway programs typically give 2 ½ […]

Making the Holidays More Ecology Friendly

This ConsumerGram examines how the shift from purchasing to the Internet is not only influencing retailers, but also positively affecting the environment by reducing energy and decreasing air pollutants, hazardous waste and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Cyber Monday can now be looked upon as Green Monday in more ways than one.  Click here to read […]

ACI Study on Retail Shopping Cited in the Examiner

ACI’s study on retail electronic goods is mentioned in this article by the examiner.  The article discusses how New York City residents do a significant amount of shopping outside of the city, in part because some big-box stores are not allowed to set up shop in the city.   The article points out that this results in lost taxes […]

Steve Pociask on CNBC: The Good and the Bad News about This Year’s Holiday Shopping Season

To read ACI’s latest news article on CNBC.com, visit http://www.cnbc.com:80/id/34481358 To read our recent retail electronics study, visit: http://www.theamericanconsumer.org/2009/11/10/american-consumer-institute-releases-study-finding-no-difference-in-consumer-electronics-prices-between-wal-mart-and-best-buy-study-calls-for-wal-mart-to-improve-on-shelf-labeling-to-ensure-shoppers/

Listen to ACI Experts Talk about Credit Card Fees and Their Impact as Consumers Deal With Holiday Spending

On December 3, 2009, ACI Experts Dr. Larry F. Darby and Dr. Joseph Fuhr, Jr. discuss the effects of hidden credit card fees on consumers and retail merchants.  Click here to here the entire audio. call-audio1