Spectrum Auction Challenges Addessed in Ball State University Webinar: Panelists — Pociask, Hazelett and Kovacs

On October 14, 2013, the Digital Policy Institute hosted a seminar moderated by Barry Umansky, Senior Research Fellow and Senior Policy Counsel at the Digital Policy Institute and Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University.  A panel of experts discussed the upcoming auction to repurpose spectrum from TV station broadcast to wireless broadband use.  The Panel consisted […]

Dishing out TV Advertising: The Dispute between Dish Network and Broadcasters

In early May, Dish Network launched a new service called Primetime Anytime, a service that would give consumers access to network television shows from the previous 8 days—minus the commercials.  The technology, dubbed “AutoHop,”allows a user to watch their favorite television shows without the hassle and annoyance of advertisements.  The broadcast networks quickly leapt into […]

Spectrum Should Go To The Highest Bidder. Period.

Dropped calls and slow Internet service on smartphones will increasingly become the norm in today’s wireless world, due to the limited amount of spectrum available to wireless companies and the huge explosion in non-traditional wireless devices, such as the iPad and smartphones.  Mobile device  signals are run over radio frequency bands, similar to the way […]

Are You Ready for the Digital TV Transition?

Here are some recent interviews of Professor Joseph Fuhr on today’s Digital TV Transition: http://www.philly.com/philly/business/homepage/20090611_Today__digital_TV_is_in__analog_TV_is_out.html   http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2009/06/12/business/doc4a31c5aa45392299681781.txt   http://www.kyw1060.com/Analog-Television-s-Drop-Dead-Date-Arrives-at-Last/4580742 What are you thoughts about the Digital TV Transition?

ACI Urges Delaying Government’s Plan to Turn Off Millions of TVs

Less than six weeks from now, millions of Americans will be denied access to news, information and entertainment now provided by their television sets. Having sold the airwaves now used to transmit programmed TV signals, the government has discovered that its efforts to inform consumers and to have them convert to the new technology are […]

Digital TV Transition Troubles

We previously discussed the pending transition from analog to digital TV and mentioned that consumers using over-the-air transmission may soon lose their signal reception unless they get a convert box.  To help with this transition, Congress funded $40 coupons (per set) to defer most of the cost of these converter boxes.  Well, now the New York Times reports that […]

Analog TV’s Will Soon Need a Converter for Over-the-Air Reception

On February 18, 2009, over-the-air television stations will be required to broadcast their television signals in digital format. This means that older analog TVs will no longer be able to receive signals over-the-air, unless they have a digital converter. Analog TVs that are connected to cable TV, satellite or other video programming services will still […]