Ignore the Union Siren Song

Last week, labor organizers at an Amazon fulfillment center in New York pulled off what many thought was impossible; the successful unionization of workers at a company known for its deep hostility to trade unions. However, while left-leaning politicians celebrated the outcome of the vote, the slim margin of victory of just 523 votes and 57% turnout did not […]

Counterproductive National Labor Relations Board

During the dark days of the recent recession, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) forbade Boeing from opening an aircraft manufacturing plant in South Carolina.  The South Carolina community and state government welcomed the plant, had workers with the high quality skills suited to Boeing’s Dreamliner, and had a track record of constructive relationships between […]

The “Plane” Truth about Bankruptcies and Mergers

American Airlines, one of the United States’ proudest and most recognized brands, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2011.  Seeing an opportunity to consolidate the industry and expand its footprint, US Airways has targeted the ailing airline for acquisition.  Exploiting American’s compromised position, US Airways has already forged contract agreements with three of […]

What is Your Opinion About Recent Corporate Bailouts?

As Congress Considers Money for Automobile Manufacturers, Survey Finds that Most American Consumers Oppose Bailouts 62.8% of Americans said they oppose public policies that bailout failing corporations and 24.5% support such policies, according a nationwide household survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute. The groups most opposed to bailing out corporations included Republicans, union-employed and […]