What is Your Opinion About Recent Corporate Bailouts?

As Congress Considers Money for Automobile Manufacturers, Survey Finds that Most American Consumers Oppose Bailouts

62.8% of Americans said they oppose public policies that bailout failing corporations and 24.5% support such policies, according a nationwide household survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute. The groups most opposed to bailing out corporations included Republicans, union-employed and middle income households.

The national survey of 1,000 head-of-households was conducted over the period of December 4th to December 7th and is part of the Institute’s 2009 Consumer Pulse Survey. These survey results have an accuracy of plus or minus 3%.

What is your opinion about these corporate bailouts?


6 thoughts on “What is Your Opinion About Recent Corporate Bailouts?

  1. Never bailout any company. Succeed or fail on your own dollar. Never my tax dollar.

  2. I just don’t agree. I pay my bills and do not live beyond my means, if I can’t afford something I do not do it. Why should I finance someone’s lifestyle or this case a corporation(s) that is not competitive?

  3. Agreed Mr. Warren.

    Unsuccessful companies need to fold if capitalism is to work. Keeping failing companies propped up only keeps the irresponsible people who are to blame behind the wheel and further ensures that the little guy won’t get his shot. Kind of ironic since it’s his money that goes to save these people. We already had two perfectly good safety nets in place to protect against the failure of both the financial markets and failing corporations. They are called the FDIC and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

  4. I’m having a rough time, they could give me a few billion or million just to take the edge off the difficulties I and my neighbors are having. Naw, keep your paws off my taxes and my SocSec Fund too.

    Businesses have cycles that are directly in proportion to the economics effecting the public. These companies need to get creative and find their own solutions.

  5. Because of the spread out of workers involed in the top three car makers, it had to be done. But that said it needs to have control to the point where it will all be paid back and that cars of the future be on the asembly line as soon as possible.

  6. I believe that businesses support the people and the people support and direct the actions of the government. I also think that bailouts are necessary, but the way they are administered is very poorly done.

    For instance let’s say that I have a small business and I am in debt by $600,000 caused by maintaining employment not personal income. If the government came along and gave me the $600k, as they have with banks, I would pay off my debts (maybe) and try to avoid taking anymore risks so that I never get back into the same spot again.

    Now it instead they provided me with work (not lowest bidder stuff) I could keep my employees working (they pay the taxes) and they would stay off of the unemployment line (which cost tax dollars). If the GOV. wanted to be nice they could insure that I would make a profit if I met certain cost guidelines or something like that. They need to create SPIRALS ……..

    I see SPIRALS when I think of business or anything financial. If you invest wisely you make money if it is a upward spiral, and if you spend it’s downward one. Another for instance: my state wants to increase “the unemployment taxes” because so many people are applying for the benefit. If they do that I will not be able to afford all the employees that I have and I will have to lay off one or two and they will add to the unemployment line further. That sounds like a DOWNWARD SPIRAL to me. Instead if they provide work, reduce taxes, etc. that will give me money to do marketing and sales effort to increase sales and the number of employees, it’s an UPWARD SPIRAL.

    I know that when a company makes money the MUST invest that money in more assets, people, trucks, tools, in order to keep going, this is what makes the world go around….not more taxes.

    For those that think business owners make millions of dollars it’s not true, maybe a few do, but most don’t. To insure that owners don’t run away with the cash register tax them heavily if they do. They should make more than the average bear because it’s a 24 hour job and will kill you in the end. Besides there is no escape from the IRS these days, trust me I looked.

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