FCC Gleefully Embroidering Last Century’s Regulations


The transition from a copper telephone network to an all IP fiber network has been noteworthy. Already 30% of consumers use voice-over-Internet (VoIP) services instead of traditional copper-based telephone services, and another 44% are wireless-only. Only 25% of consumers still use old copper telephone services and that’s because their carriers have yet to transition to […]

Labor Day: Who Actually Pulls the Communal Cart?

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Each Labor Day is marked by parades, picnics, ball games, barbecues for family and friends, and perhaps fireworks.   In between these colorful spectacles, a few with a taste for history might steer the conversation toward thanking labor unions for their early role in improving working conditions. Today’s heroes – those who fund national defense and […]

Real Clear Policy: What Happens When ROR Utilities Invest?

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Just last month, the U.S. Energy and information Administration announced that natural gas had surpassed coal – for the first time ever – as the main source of electricity generation. The news may have sparked delight for those who see coal as “dirty” and for those who see the recent boom in domestic natural gas […]

Putting “Affordable” Back in the Affordable Care Act

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In the last five years, much of the press coverage and analysis of healthcare has been dominated by politics, doctor-patient relationship disruption, sticker shock, and legalities swept in by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Those are important, but the efficacy and the cost of treatment are ultimately most important. The great majority of medical treatment […]

A Pass on Nutrition, an Incomplete on Safety


Good nutrition and food safety are important to all consumers. While there is some improvement in the nutrition information made available to consumers and a huge leap in Food Stamps, attention to food safety is lagging. To address that shortfall, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) passed Congress in 2010, but none of the urgently […]

Censored Intranets Replace Our Common Internet

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A year ago, Russia adopted a “blogger law” that requires a person with more than 3,000 daily readers to register, disclose personal information and submit to the same regulations as Russian mass media. This will have a chilling effect on the candor of online opinion writers. During 2015, further restrictions will require the data of […]

Laws to Hide Behind

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Personal information in internet sites comes from many sources. People voluntarily put their own information in many places such as Facebook and chat rooms. News sites and blogs publish information about the actions of others. Government property tax and court clerks put information about individuals and corporations on the internet. Those posters usually intend the […]

Under the Right Conditions We Can Collaborate


Global warming seems more real. Warming’s consequences are likely to be unhealthy and perhaps destructive to shorelines but there is yet no reliable agreement on the magnitude of warming, its precise causes, and the trajectory of temperatures. Against a background with so many uncertainties, Americans are being asked to unilaterally commit to big sacrifices. The […]

School Sales Tax Holidays Versus Serious Tax Improvements


Seventeen states are offering a temporary exemption from sales tax on student’s classroom items. If local news doesn’t cover it promptly, it’s too late because the tax holiday is usually just for 3 days. The tax exempted is normally the combined local and state sales tax. The duration, scope and retail value limits narrow the […]

“Sharing” an Opportunity to Get It Right

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The U.S economy has been slow to grow employment and it has left paychecks without noticeable increases. In the five most recent quarters, labor productivity decreased by 3.1%. Flat wages are to be expected when labor productivity is stalled. Besides increasing economic output, productivity could be increased by better organized workflow, improving work skills, increasing […]