You Earn It; They Tax and Waste it

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Based on the myriad of reports over the years, the Federal government is wasteful, inefficient and lacks the incentives to act differently.  The news reports of waste, overpayment and abuse are so common and often run in the billions of dollars.  For example, one report looked at about 100 examples of government projects that produced […]

Common Core versus National or State or Local Standards


Should high school “graduation” imply enough skill to read a parts manual, make change for a $20 bill, and read an election ballot?  Since students have the right to move about the country claiming to be graduates, it is in their interest and our interest that graduation means being “able to function in society beyond […]

Trawling for Dollars: The Profitable DOJ


Our federal Department of Justice (DOJ) excels at seizing the cash.  In the past two years, often acting as another Department’s attorney, DOJ has prosecuted violators shaking at least $45 billion in fines and penalties out of companies – notably, JP Morgan ($13B), Bank of America ($9.5B), Anadarko ($5.2B), HSBC ($1.9B), Deutsche Bank ($1.9B), SAC […]

Taxing the Internet is a Bad Idea


For over 15 years, American’s have enjoyed untaxed access to the Internet, thanks in part to the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998, which provided that no entry point to the Internet could be taxed. Congress at that time understood the importance of keeping the barriers to entry as low as possible, giving as many […]

Justice for Profit

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The automobile industry has a disreputable track record of rolling out flawed vehicles that threaten consumer safety.  The inevitable recalls burden consumers with worry and wasted time.  No manufacturer has a monopoly on faulty cars. Over the past several years, GM recalled 1.4 million cars due to a faulty ignition switch involving 13 deaths.  Ford […]

Citizens insurance subsidy should stay in Florida


What do the Principality of Monaco, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Principality of Liechtenstein have in common? Royal monarchies? Majestic wealth? One thing in common is that some of these countries’ residents own vacation homes here in Florida, and these homes are being subsidized by Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, a state-run homeowners insurance […]

ACI in the Daily Caller: Ticketmaster’s Paperless Ticketing is a Loss for Consumers

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Paperless ticketing is a relatively new concept in the live events space, one that’s been increasingly implemented more and more over the years—from theaters to sporting events to concerts. In some cases, this appears to add a level of convenience to consumer lives—the need to remember your tickets or the worry of losing them is […]

Physician Control over Electronic Health Records

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Technical questions on how to build and store an electronic health record (EHR) are trivial compared with the more visceral issues of who should own it, what it should contain, and who can input into it.  By 2012, 70% of physicians had faced those questions, made tentative decisions, and taken on an EHR system. Today, […]

The Taxing Problem of Internet-Based Sales


A sales tax imposed on Internet purchases has had many proponents, since the inception of the Internet, wanting to force online retailers to collect sales taxes on items purchased by consumers via their website. Last year, the Senate passed the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would require retailers to collect sales taxes based on where the […]

Encouraging Signs for K-12 Classrooms


Some school administrators, politicians, most unions have a labor perspective on why schools exist.  Despite their beliefs, schools are not foremost a government jobs program.  Taxpayers, parents and students, generally feel that schools exist to prepare students for meaningful employment and for competent citizenship and parenting.  All sides bear culpability for the disappointing performance of […]