New Study: Investment Tax Increases Threaten Two Million Jobs

New Study Highlights Impact of Tax Hikes on Investment Income Pending increase on investment income will threaten nearly 2 million jobs  WASHINGTON– Although much of the debate in Congress and the media about the upcoming ‘fiscal cliff’ has focused on federal spending and income taxes, the pending increases in dividend and capital gains tax rates […]

Consumer Alert: Another Legislative Attempt for a Beach House Bailout

The following is the letter from to member of Congress regarding the latest beach house bailout (HR 6477): Dear Representative:                       As a coalition of leading taxpayer advocates, environmental groups, insurers, reinsurers and others, we urge you to oppose H.R. 6477.  Recently introduced by Rep. Albio Sires (D-NJ), H.R. 6477 would put your constituents on […]

Forest Certification Monopoly Will Increase Consumer Costs, Drive Billions of Losses to U.S. Timber Industry, and Undermine Sustainability Goals

Forest certification is becoming an important tool in balancing resource sustainability and economic viability, but there is growing confusion in the marketplace over certification standards and eco labels. According to a new report by the American Consumer Institute (ACI) Center for Citizen Research, that confusion could be driving up prices by as much as 15 […]

ACI Statement on DOJ and FCC Approval of Spectrum Transaction

The following is a statement by Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research: “ACI applauds the announcements from the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice that they will approve the Verizon-SpectrumCo transaction. By approving the deal, the FCC and DoJ have handed a major victory to consumers by allowing […]