The Economic Standard: Would Microsoft’s Proposed Activision Merger Be Positive for Consumers?

By now, most people will have heard about Microsoft Corporation’s intension to purchase gaming giant and interactive content publisher Activision Blizzard Inc. in what is already being called the largest tech deal ever. While some may have concerns about the size of the merger, the deal could well be a major victory for consumers and […]

Restricting Mergers and Acquisitions: An Outlook on the Start-up Ecosystem and Innovation

Many lawmakers seem eager to rein in the power of big tech and there seems to be a wide-spread agreement across the political aisle that something needs to be done. Among the proposed remedies is to restrict mergers and acquisitions. In this episode, Jeff Farrah, General Counsel at the National Venture Capital Association, is sharing […]

The “Plane” Truth about Bankruptcies and Mergers

American Airlines, one of the United States’ proudest and most recognized brands, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2011.  Seeing an opportunity to consolidate the industry and expand its footprint, US Airways has targeted the ailing airline for acquisition.  Exploiting American’s compromised position, US Airways has already forged contract agreements with three of […]

Google to Purchase Motorola Mobility — Could Reduce market Competition

In an unprecedented bid to acquire Motorola Mobility, Google is expected to pay upwards of $12.5 billion in cash and could own more than 17,000 patents on phone technology. I n response, Steve Pociask, the president of the American Consumer Institute, issued the following statement:   “Already under an antitrust investigation from the Federal Trade […]

Yankee Go Home

A new report on the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile was recently released by the Yankee Group, a research company that advises the mobile marketplace. Using their own data, as well as data from the Department of Justice, Yankee’s report makes a number of claims, including that AT&T’s market share will grow immensely and […]

Eleven AGs Say AT&T/T-Mobil Deal Should Be Approved

Accourding to a Bloomberg story, eleven Attorneys General say that AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile USA should be accepted by regulators. citing economic benefits and much needed wireless spectrum.


The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research hereby submits its reply in response to comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission (“the Commission”) respecting the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the above-captioned proceeding.                The American Consumer Institute is an independent 501c3 educational and research institute with a mission to identify, analyze and project […]

Broadcasting and Cable Quotes ACI on T-Mobile Acquistion

John Eggerton’s article in Broadcasting and Cable (“Markey, Conyers Team Up Against AT&T T-Mobile Merger,” may 26, 2011) quotes ACI on the need for a private US company to rescue T-Mobile, rather than waiting for a US bailout.  The article states: ACI said a declining T Mobile needs help, from AT&T or someone else. “T-Mobile’s […]

Telecommunications Daily Quotes ACI Expert

TR Daily’s article “Conyers, Markey Express Concerns with AT&T Purchase of T-Mobile” (May 26, 2011) quotes ACI president Steve Pociask concern that if T-Mobile will soon require a bailout, if not acquired by someone.  The entire TR Daily quote reads: “The industry continues to exhibit tremendous growth and declining prices, as would be expected from a […]