TR Daily’s article “Conyers, Markey Express Concerns with AT&T Purchase of T-Mobile” (May 26, 2011) quotes ACI president Steve Pociask concern that if T-Mobile will soon require a bailout, if not acquired by someone.  The entire TR Daily quote reads:

“The industry continues to exhibit tremendous growth and declining prices, as would be expected from a dynamic, competitive and innovative industry.  Yet, not all is well for T-Mobile.  By one estimate, T-Mobile has lost roughly 1.3 million customers (pre- and post-paid) and their level of network investment has declined by over 20%,” he said.  “While other carriers are investing into 4G technologies, Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile’s owner, appears to be satisfied with the older 3G technology, whereas all of the other major wireless carriers have committed to investing in the latest wireless broadband technology. … If a German company won’t invest in the U.S., let a U.S. company make that investment.  Whether that added investment comes from AT&T is immaterial, something must be done to rescue T-Mobile.”


(Source: TR Daily,, subscription required)