WASHINGTON – The American Consumer Institute (ACI) announced today that it is placing a strong focus on statewide issues in Florida for 2010.  The organization’s announcement comes after substantial review of a variety of state issues that affect the majority of Florida’s consumers, including property insurance and telecommunications.


ACI’s Center for Citizen Research has established a Florida-focused website that will serve as an educational resource for Floridians on major statewide issues, www.aciflorida.org.  The website is part of a broader initiative by the national group to spotlight consumer issues in key states.  In addition, ACI plans to tap state experts and establish a presence within the state. 


“Florida is dealing with a number of important issues and public policies, some of which are currently having adverse consequences on consumers in the state,” said Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute.  “ACI will serve as an educational resource and a voice that represents the best solutions for all Florida consumers.”


As part of the announcement, ACI named Florida State University Associate Professor Patricia Born as Research Fellow.  Dr. Born is a professor in FSU’s Department of Risk Management/Insurance, Real Estate and Business Law and is the Director of the FSU Center for Insurance Research.  She is also a Research Associate in the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center and an Associated Member of the Munich Risk and Insurance Center.


“I’m thrilled that a well-respected, national organization such as the American Consumer Institute is willing to focus on issues in our state which have a major effect on all Floridians,” said Born.  “I look forward to working closely with them to identify solutions within our perilous insurance market.”


“We are pleased to add Dr. Born to our team, as she will provide valuable expertise on Florida’s significant insurance issues,” added Pociask.  “Our continued focus in Florida will be to support sustainable policies that benefit consumers, spur competition and encourage innovation, while maintaining reasonable and necessary consumer safeguards.”


In recent years, Pociask testified in front of the Florida Legislature on nine occasions, urging policymakers to consider steps to increase market entry and competition for telecommunications and cable TV services, and for reform of outdated price regulations that have stifled competition and pushed jobs out of the state.


In 2010 and beyond, ACI will be reviewing state-specific issues in a variety of other states.  ACI focuses on policy issues that affect consumers by using economic tools and proven principles to determine which policies provide the greatest benefit for consumers. 

 For More Information, Visit www.ACIFlorida.Org