WASHINGTON, DC – A new national poll released today finds that the vast majority of consumers support an expansion of energy projects as a way to boost job growth among American workers.  The poll also revealed that most consumers are pessimistic about the health of the economy, and the vast majority support expanding energy initiatives as a way to boost the economic growth. 

 A nationwide telephone survey of 1,000 sponsored by the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI) shows that 89% of consumers favor expanding the number of energy projects in the U.S.  The survey also found that 94% of consumers believe that having more U.S. energy production would be better for the overall economy, and 93% believe that investing in more U.S. energy projects will create more jobs.  The survey found widespread pessimism in the economy, with 92% of all Americans describing the U.S. economy as weak with over half (58%) believing that the U.S. economy is very weak. 

 ACI’s Senior Fellow and survey research expert Anne Danehy said that the numbers were not a surprise.  “Our survey confirmed what we suspected.  Americans see us having a weak economy, and they are looking for ways to put Americans back to work and re-build our economy.  Americans see a connection between U.S. energy projects and jobs.” 

 In addition to creating jobs, Americans also believe that investing in more U.S. energy production will decrease our dependence on foreign energy (82%) and will lower energy prices (68%) for consumers.  According to the survey, there appears to be little distinction between Democrat and Republican voters when it comes to supporting the expansion of U.S. energy projects. 

 “Regulatory grid-lock is hurting the U.S. economy, and this survey shows that consumer interests are not being well served,” noted Steve Pociask, President of ACI.  He pointed to a national study that found high regulations and legal challenges to be responsible for cancelling or delaying hundreds of U.S. energy projects worth $3.4 trillion dollars in economic benefits and millions of new jobs.  He added, “This is the real cost of over regulation – lost domestic production and lost jobs.”

 According to the survey, those energy projects garnering the most support for expansion included natural gas, wind, solar and alternative fuels.  More than three-quarters of the American voters support U.S. expansion of these energy projects.  In addition, eight out of ten favor expanding natural gas exploration and drilling with nearly three-quarters favoring oil exploration and drilling.

 “These results show strong consumer support for expanding domestic energy production as a means to accomplish several important policy goals – achieving lower energy costs, reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources and creating jobs,” noted Danehy.  “A sensible public policy approach should be able to accomplish these goals in a timely manner, while being very mindful of consumer and environmental protections.”

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