Save Us from Congress’ “Savings” Scam

The Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990 (FCRA) may sound righteous, but it contains a scam costing consumers a pile of money.  The FCRA forces the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to assume that loans made directly by the government earn huge profits (called “savings”) without provision that such estimates could be wrong.  Congress likes this […]

It’s Coming Back and May Stick This Time

The subject of digital goods and services taxation will likely resurface in the Congress as soon as the debt ceiling is handled.  Digital goods include music, videos, games, ringtones, electronic books and others.  Digital services would include tax prep, stock trades, streaming content, and more.  A bill that would handle this (The Digital Goods and […]

Proposal to Raise Reinsurance Taxes Would Harm American Consumers

The Obama administration is supporting legislation that would lead to higher taxes on foreign insurers.   But the legislative change would not provide any favors for Americans, who would ultimately pay these taxes in the form of higher insurance costs.  This is particularly true for those American residents living in coastal areas.  Indeed, in Florida, where […]

Letter to Florida Policymakers: Stop the Insurance Scam

This PDF (aci-letter) is an example letter to policymakers urging them to stop the ongoing insurance scam that is driving up consumer prices.  The author, ACI president Steve Pociask, takes issue with the fact that the former state consumer advocate was scheduled to meet at the state Capitol as a voice of opposition against reforms that […]


Legislation winding its way through Congress is poised to introduce a Do-Not-Track list.  This would allow people to put themselves on a list that would turn off any tracking component used in behavioral marketing.  Letting consumers choose whether they’d like their Internet behavior to be tracked is a great and valuable tool—which is why the […]

Florida Gov Veto Puts Homeowners at Risk

The Florida Governor has once again vetoed legislation that would have helped protect homeowners in the state.  The veto preserves the current regulatory policy of underfunding insurers (including the state’s own insurer-of-last-resort) from having sufficient capital reserves to pay for homeowners for their losses.  The legislation would have permitted insurance companies to collect modestly higher premiums in order to guarantee […]

Heath Care: 90% Of Consumers Want To Make Their Own Decisions About Healthcare, According To An American Consumer Institute Survey

Consumers oppose the current Healthcare legislation by a two-to-one margin.  In a nationwide survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research (ACI), 48% of Americans oppose the bill, while 24% support it.    The survey results also find that 90% of consumers believe that they should make their own decisions about healthcare […]