STOP Act will Help Prevent Bad Products Entering the U.S.

The opioid epidemic has grown to become a critical problem in communities across the country. While many levels of government and a variety of task forces are working to find ways to tackle it, one easy way to help would be to close off unchecked shipments from foreign countries, like China, through the U.S. Postal […]

FORBES: Postal Office Performance is “Out of Service”

The United States Postal Service (Postal Service) is long overdue for a major reorganization. As I have discussed in the past, it is losing billions of dollars each year, but it keeps subsidizing unprofitable and unregulated ventures with its regulated services, rather than sticking to its core mission – just delivering letters. What is new […]

USPS – Goes Through the Motions

For 2014, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) revenue grew by $569 million and packages delivery grew a healthy 9%, but USPS loses totaled $5.5 Billion.  The loss is in line with the $5.7 billion in pre-funded retiree benefits that Congress requires it to pay.  In the period 2010 through 2014, USPS lost a cumulative $40 […]

ACI in Breitbart: Post Office Keeps Speading its Losses

This piece discusses the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) financial situation — $50 billion in losses over the last eight years.  The fact is that USPS is making profits in some of its core activities, yet trying to use its postal monopoly to expand into new, but unprofitable, ventures — such as grocery delivery and financial services.  In the […]

Congress and the Survival of USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an aging federal agency that reached peak mail volume in 2006.  For more than a century, it played a constructive role by providing affordable and reliable flow of parcels and written materials to rural and urban Americans.  The USPS last received a taxpayer subsidy in the early 1980s, […]

National Survey: Consumers Oppose Post Office Closings

82% of Consumers Say Post Office Closings Would Be Inconvenient; 76% Say They Would Pay More to Prevent Planned Cuts A national consumer survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute (ACI) finds that the vast majority of consumers do not support the United States Post Office’s planned closing of 4,000 post offices.  According to the […]