ONLINE WORRIES REMAIN HIGH, ACI SURVEY SHOWS; Consumers Most Concerned about Identity theft, Viruses, Privacy and Spyware

Internet consumers continue to express high concerns about online threats such as viruses, spam, and identity theft, according to a survey by the American Consumer Institute (ACI), though the level of concern was somewhat lower than expressed in last year’s survey. Topping the list, 63% of consumers saying they were “very concerned” with identity theft, […]

Who Supports Guarenteed Health Insurance for Everyone?

Survey Finds Consumers in Favor of Guaranteeing Health Insurance for All The majority of Americans (70.2%) say they would support a public policy to guarantee health insurance for everyone, according to a household survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute. Most in favor of a public policy included those earning less than $25,000 per year […]

Bye-Bye Telephones?

We recently conducted an online survey of consumers asking the following question: “What communications device is most important in meeting your communications needs?”  The general direction of consumer preferences was not surprising, but the spread of their preferences for different devices tends to corroborate and magnify our impressions of the directions being taken under the influence of […]

Tell Us Your Views on Capital Gains Taxes

Consumers Oppose Capital Gains Tax Increases According a nationwide household survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute, 60.1% of Americans said they oppose increases in the capital gains tax and only 25.7% voiced support such an increase. Opposition to a capital gains tax increase was widespread and across many demographic groups – most notably consumers […]

Citing the Poor Economy, Most American Consumers Expect to Buy Less This Holiday Compared to Last Year

Reston, VA, December 12, 2008 –– In a nationwide survey conducted by the American Consumer Institute, 93.4% of consumers say that the economy is worse than a year ago with only 1.1% saying that the economy is stronger. The results are significantly worse than the Institute’s December 2007 Consumer Pulse Survey, which found that 68.8% […]