Washington, DC – The American Consumer Institute today released a letter from Senior Fellow Dr. Larry F. Darby to Ms. Sharon Gillett, Chief of the Wireline Competition Bureau.  The letter set forth ten discrete sets of issues germane to the Commission’s impending Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Matter of Net Neutrality.  The letter was submitted in the context of announcement by FCC Chairman Genachowski on September 21, 2009 of his intention to expand the Commission’s Net Neutrality principles and to convert them to enforceable rules. 


Heading the list of ten sets of issues to be explored was the need for clarity in expressing goals of the proceeding and in particular the need to explore the impact of the proposed rules on saving and creating jobs, while stimulating the macroeconomy more generally.  Other suggestions included the need to balance perceived market failures with potential costs of government action; the need to weigh concerns over net neutrality in the context of traditional regulatory goals of universal service, fair rates, high levels of network investment and innovation; and more generally, to comport the rules with the requirements of the emerging national broadband policy and strategy. 


 Steve Pociask, President and Founder of The American Consumer Institute, observed: “We hope the Commission accepts these comments in the spirit in which they were offered.  We join the Commission in its pursuit of fair, transparent, fact-based, data-driven, consumer-centric analysis of these important issues.” 

To see the letter click here.