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American Consumer Institute Reacts to FCC Open Meeting on Broadband Reclassification


WASHINGTON – Following the Federal Communications Commission’s open meeting today, Steve Pociask, president of the American Consumer Institute, released the following statement:


“Why is the Federal Communications Commission determined to continue down this track of reclassifying broadband?  Members of congress, consumers, technologists and economists agree that this not best path forward.


“By taking action to reclassify broadband services under Title II regulation, the FCC is overturning conclusions of prior commissions and undermining Congressional examination of the issue.


“Today, broadband and wireless market consumers enjoy lower prices, faster speeds, more dependable services and more choices than the market of just one decade ago.  All empirical studies to date conclude that net neutrality regulations will raise prices, reduce jobs, impede investment and reduce innovation.


“It is not clear why the FCC wants to jeopardize consumer welfare by implementing onerous and costly regulations to fix a hypothetical problem.”


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